Whew! College. Workshops. Exams.

Well well well. Who knew there’d be so much to do in college!!?

Every day something or the other turns up. And I’m finding it increasingly harder to keep up :/ Exams are fast approaching and I know jack-shit. There’s barely seven days left and I haven’t yet started studying. Of course I never have studied for exams, but this time I know less than Jon Snow peeps! 

Also, the club I’m in (IEEE) are holding Workshops on web development which I’m attending. So there goes another 3 hours of my evening (albeit for a good cause [I’d probably waste those hours if it were left to me]).

I’m finding the workshops fun and informative, and I’m sure they’ll help me learn a lot on making web-pages. 

We got an impromptu holiday this Monday since the NBA (Nat. Board of Accreditation) came for a visit (Wooo). 

My exams are from 20th to 22nd. I’ll be busy this weekend *sigh* On other news, I’ll go to my best friends college fest (She studies in CMRIT) which is on 3rd and 4th of March. I’m looking forward to it ^.^

Anyway, if anyone’s reading this talk to me about how your life goes! *wink* Feels good to sometimes know you’re not the only one struggling through college. 




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