College Fests!

​Yaaaay! I’m going to my first college fest. I’m really excited. I’m hoping this is going to be fun fun fun! I’ll also get to meet my friends at VIT ( the university whose fest I’m attending). Me and my best friend (a different one from the last post) from school are going together.

I really love the concept of college fests. They help connect people across universities and strengthen ties, improve teamwork and build friendships.

In other news, I finally bought that cycle I was talking of! I’m cycling around 9 kms a day( I know it’s kind of less but I’m just getting started, bear with me). It’s really fun and works up quite a sweat. Also, now I can get up late and still get to college because a cycle makes going there a lot easier than walking.


Apparently I forgot to post this before the fest so I’ll post about the fest here too (Huehue)

Well, the university I went to is humongous! There were so so so many people there. Students had come from everywhere! Most importantly, the food there was amazing (This is what I live for :’) ). Half the time I spent there I was eating (totally exaggerating ). And there was a concert that night which was totally out of this world! A dance crew called the illuminati performed and they were lovely! Such coordination and grace! 

I also made new and met old friends over there! The college I went to feels a lot better than mine. But I feel that the people at mine are more friendly and enjoyable. 

These past few days have been real tiring. Half the time I was traveling in trains and cabs and autos.



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