College Times Are Fun Times (Also, Friends)

​Whew! Never expected college to be this. I swear the people here are more nice than anywhere I’ve ever been. My seniors are chill AF and my peers are chiller ( Hehe).

Suddenly I know a whole army of people! I know friends of friends of friends ( I even ended up playing Carrom with my friend’s friend’s dad).

Tonight I’m having a sleepover with a lot of peeps! So college life rocks. Even though I live in such a small town ( I swear there aren’t more than 6 or 7 happening places here! And for a bangalorean that’s hella less!).

It would’ve been hard to live in a place where I don’t know the language they speak if I didn’t have these guys. 

Thank you friends.

In other news, I’ve decided to read the Mistborn Trilogy. Will talk about it after I am through it a bit.

My best friend’s off to her grandpa and that house there has no internet (KMN! In this day and age?! How’ll I survive now for a week?!) [3:07 PM IST 22 Jan 2017 – Update. She has internet. Whew.]

4:14 AM IST 22 Jan 2017

I’ve seen the weirdest drunk friend ever. This guy was basically DiCaprio’s wife in Inception. He thought he’d jumped off the roof four times and still believed he was in an imaginary world!

12:21 PM IST 22 Jan 2017

Finally back on my room. I’m so tired. I’m gonna sleep the whole Sunday away ( Whee!). I think I’ll buy a cycle today! [ Ended up procrastinating and not buying it]

Thank you.



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